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"After recently attending the CHS-IV & CHS-V courses, I felt compelled to recommend them for law enforcement, first responders, clinicians, educators, or security professionals. I have taken several weapons of mass destruction courses that taught mitigation, medical and counter-terrorism standpoints, including training for response for the Smallpox Vaccination Clinic, but none have approached the level of comprehensive content as the Level-IV and Level-V CHS courses. I will apply the knowledge and skills learned from the Level-IV and Level-V courses in my own WMD awareness courses for law enforcement, first responders and clinicians, and I feel better prepared if the Smallpox Vaccination Clinic is ever activated."
—Dr. E. Robert Bertolli, CHS-V, CMI-V (Author and lecturer in Unconventional Attack/WMD Awareness; Smallpox Vaccine Clinic response member)

Courtesy of Dr. Robert L. O'Block, Founder and CEO

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