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"It was my distinct pleasure to have taken part in the Introduction to Forensic Nursing Course. Working my way through it, I found that I needed to call upon my many years of Nursing study and practice, as well as my Master’s studies in Criminology to tie in these two important areas toward Forensic Nursing. The course itself was well organized into pertinent topics that made the study very clear and easy to follow and understand. In these times when factual evidence is so crucial to the lives of the people that we serve, this course is a well-spring of knowledge and resource. Not only do I now feel confident in the course matter, but I have ready references to details that I may be called upon to use at some time in the future. I now look forward to becoming a Certified Forensic Nurse. Thank you for making this possible."
—Dana Galloway, RN, MS, CDP-I, CFN

Courtesy of Dr. Robert L. O'Block, Founder and CEO

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