Certified Criminal Investigator, CCI® Program

How versatile are your investigative skills?

Investigating criminal behavior involves many different facets. Investigators have to identify the crime scene, identify evidence (including trace evidence), conduct interviews, properly handle evidence, identify and differentiate different wound types, and testify in court. Being efficient in these areas attests to your knowledge as an investigator.

Why should you choose the CCI credential?

The Certified Criminal Investigator, CCI® program measures and assesses knowledge and competency of investigators in both the public and private sectors. Providing a foundation of forensics basics, this program creates a measure of standardization in the field of investigation. As the National Academy of Sciences' report on the Forensic Sciences reflects, certification for investigators is more crucial than ever before to fill the gaps in the field.

Benefits of becoming a Certified Criminal Investigator, CCI®

  • Grants recognition of knowledge and skills by a third party
  • Supports continued professional development
  • Demonstrates a high level of commitment to the field
  • Serves as a differentiator in a competitive job market

Credential Content

The topics covered in the CCI credential are:

  • History of forensic science
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Evidence
  • Digital forensics
  • Investigations
  • Trials
  • Homicide
  • Cyber predators
  • Death investigation
  • Psychological autopsy

How do I maintain the CCI credential?

Individuals are expected to maintain membership and complete 15 hours of forensic-related continuing education credits per year to maintain their CCI status. The initial CCI course provides 15 CE credits, fulfilling this requirement.

Future CEs may be earned through ACFEI's Executive Summits and/or completing tests for the continuing education articles located in The Forensic Examiner®, provided in our online course catalog.

Steps to becoming a Certified Criminal Investigator, CCI®

  • Meet the eligibility requirements, in order to apply for CCI program either by:
        1.1 Portfolio Review
        • Become a member of the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute® or be a member in good standing
        • No felony convictions
        • Proof of documentation of at least 10 years of law enforcement or private sector (investigative) experience (complete; no gaps)
        • At least two letters of recommendation from a high-ranking individual in the law enforcement/private sector
        • Take the online Beta exam

          1.2 By Examination
          • Become a member of the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute® or be a member in good standing
          • No felony convictions
          • Recommended: 2 years of work experience; or an Associate's degree with 1 year of experience; or a Bachelor's degree
  • Complete the applicationby one of the following methods:
    • Click - Apply Online
    • Call - 800.423.9737
    • Fax - 417.881.4702
    • Mail - 2750 E. Sunshine, Springfield, Mo 65804
  • Enroll in the program
    Submit the application, fees, and required supporting documentation, including the following:
    • Current resume/curriculum vitae
    • Degrees
    • Licenses, certifications, certificates, and/or commissions (If applicable)
    • At least two professional references
  • Prepare for the exam
    Once you have been approved, you can begin preparing for the exam. You will be provided access to online study materials. It is recommended that you review the text and meterials before sitting for the exam.
  • Sit for the exam
    After successful completion of the exam, you will receive a certificate of completion from ACFEI. This certificate will also award you with 15 continuing education credits. Your certificate will be mailed to you within 4-6 weeks of completion of the exam.

Credential Information
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