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Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQs for Non-Members

I need to find and contact an expert in a forensic area. Can I do that through ACFEI's website?

I need to verify membership and information on one of your members. How can I get this information?

Where can I find information about advertising in The Forensic Examiner®?

FAQs for New Membership

Who can become a member of ACFEI?

Are new members automatically granted credentials by ACFEI?

What do I get with my ACFEI membership?

Will ACFEI sell or share my personal information with third parties?

How long does the ACFEI application and credentialing process take?

FAQs for Existing Membership

Can I check my membership status online?

How can I update my contact information?

Whom should I call to confirm that my dues payment was received?

Can I find and contact members of ACFEI?

Can I contact other ACFEI members in my field or in a different field?

Can other people find and contact me?

Is there any way I can communicate with all ACFEI members?

When is the next ACFEI Executive Summit?

What if my certificate was lost or damaged?

FAQs for The Forensic Examiner®

What kind of writing does The Forensic Examiner® accept?

Who can submit writing to The Forensic Examiner®?

How do I submit my writing to The Forensic Examiner®?

How can I find an article from an old issue of The Forensic Examiner®?

The CE articles in The Forensic Examiner® are peer reviewed. How does the peer review process work?

FAQs for Renewals

Whom should I call if I haven't received a renewal invoice?

Can I renew by telephone?

Can I renew online?

Can I renew by fax?

FAQs for Credentials

Who can gain a credential from ACFEI?

After I apply for Diplomate status with ACFEI, what will I need to submit to complete the application process?

How do I become a Fellow of ACFEI?

Are there qualifying exams for ACFEI's credentials?

Once a member is gains a credential, what must he or she do to maintain it?

Is ACFEI recognized by any other associations or certifying organizations?

FAQs for Continuing Education

How many continuing education credits do I have to submit each year?

When does my CE requirement begin?

How much time do I have to submit my CE?

How can I earn CEs through ACFEI?

Can I earn CEs from outside sources?

How many CEs can I earn when I teach a course or workshop, give a speech, or sit on a panel?

How do I submit my CE to ACFEI for each year?

What happens if I submit more than 15 CE in one year?