Due to the untimely passing of CEO and Founder Dr. Robert O'Block, all operations of ACFEI are suspended until further notice.


Certified Forensic Consultant, CFC® Program

In the courtroom environment, experts in various fields are asked to provide testimony and evidence on differing professional topics. Forensic consultants will be assessed on knowledge and competency in areas relating to consultation services, litigation processes, general legal principles, witness payment, the discovery process, the deposition, and the trial.

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Certified Criminal Investigator, CCI® Program

Investigating criminal behavior involves many different facets. Investigators must identify the crime scene, look for evidence, conduct interviews, properly identify and handle evidence, and testify in court.

Certified Forensic Nurse, CFN® Program

Forensic nurses are registered nurses with experience in identifying forms of violence, interpreting injury presentation, preserving and collecting evidence, and understanding components of a medical/forensic examination.

Certified Instructor, CI Program

The Certified Instructor, CI program provides an opportunity for members to teach ACFEI credentialing programs in a specific field or area of expertise. With three levels—instructor, senior instructor, and master instructor—becoming a CI allows you to earn income while providing an invaluable service to the field of forensics. The CI course covers all the necessary information needed to educate students to pass the required credentialing exams. CIs have access to a wide range of ACFEI resources and will receive the support needed to teach successful courses.

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