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The Tree Consultant
Dr. Burt Smeltzer's knowledgeable and friendly approach to clients' concerns allows them to make an informed decision, based on his 40+ years of experience and recommendations. His attention to detail, from a homeowner's single tree to the complex tree problems of a major metropolitan city, inspires confidence in his clients.  Burt is currently a Diplomate of ABFE, a member board of ACFEI.

MP Group
Founded in 1962 by Michael S. Poles, MPGroup began as a building construction, inspection and consulting firm which has developed into a collaboration of architects, engineers, contractors and other construction technical experts. MP Group specializes in Construction related Forensic Expert Witness and Mediation services for the legal, insurance and business communities. Michael is currently a Diplomate of ABFET, a member board of ACFEI.

BPI Laboratories, Inc.
Affiliated with Sharon Tschirhart, BPI Laboratories LLC (BPI) has full time handwriting experts on staff Board Certified in Forensic Document Examination. With 40+ years of experience, our handwriting experts are dedicated to the examination of questioned documents involved in civil or criminal litigation under investigation.  Sharon is currently a Fellow of ACFEI.

John Douglas: Mind Hunter
As the legendary former head of FBI's Investigative Support Unit, Dr. John Douglas has hunted some of the most notorious and sadistic criminals of our time: the Trailside Killer in San Francisco, the Atlanta child murderer, the Tylenol poisoner, the man who hunted prostitutes for sport in the woods of Alaska, and Seattle's Green River killer, the case that nearly ended his own life. John is currently a Fellow of ACFEI.

Mable Rowe Lineberger, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist
Feeling emotionally upset can be a very painful state, however life does not need to be a struggle. Have you been thinking you or a loved one might benefit from therapy to improve the quality of life?

RLK Associates
Polygraph Exams & Consultation For Law Enforcement, Private, Juvenile, Criminal Defense, Other Criminal & Civil Cases, False Accusations, Financial Fraud, Corporate & Employment, Employee Theft or Embezzlement (EPPA), Substance Use & Abuse, PCSOT (Sex Offender), Film/Television Consultation, DOD/DHS.

Dr. John T. Harris IV, PhD
Dr. Harris offers forensic consultation to those looking to find answers in the areas of death certificates, manors of death, questionable documents, counseling and risk management services.

Stewart Forensic Consultants, LLC
Larry Stewart has worked for the U.S. Government as a forensic scientist for over 25 years. During that time he has worked on many notable cases to include; the Unabomber, numerous accused Nazi war criminals, e.g. John Demanjuk, a.k.a. Ivan the Terrible, the reinvestigation of the Dr. Martin Luther King murder, the reinvestigation of the Kennedy assassination/CIA conspiracy theory, the Quedlinburg Treasure, the Jon Benet Ramsey murder investigation, the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the DC Sniper investigation. He has testified as an expert witness in state, federal and military courts of law, as well as testified or been deposed in foreign court systems to include; Austria, Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Canada. He has also testified at The Hague in the Netherlands and three times before the U.S. Congress. Mr. Stewart most recently held the position of Laboratory Director and Chief Forensic Scientist for the United States Secret Service. In that role, he managed up to 120 scientists, technicians, and support staff in the areas of document analysis, handwriting, fingerprints, trace evidence, audio and video analysis, photography, toolmarks, computer evidence and counterfeit analysis. Mr. Stewart has now begun the independent forensic consulting and investigative firm known as Stewart Forensic Consultants, LLC and its subsidiary, Global Investigative & Intelligence Services. Mr. Stewart is currently a certified program member of ACFEI.

Trial Run: Danger between the lines
Kimon Iannetta, founder, specializes in Jury Selection / Trial Consultant (Mock Trials), Forensic Criminal Profiling Using Written Communication, and Forensic Document Examination.  Kimon is currently a fellow of ACFEI.

Intoxikon International
INTOXIKON is an independently owned company that provides multi-disciplinary consulting services within the field of alcohol and drug studies. Under the auspices of the Executive Director Dr. John Brick, the Advisory Board, and consistent with its mission, INTOXIKON provides education and training, research and development and publications in alcohol and drug studies to governmental agencies, corporations, health care professionals, law enforcement, educational institutions and the legal communities, as well as limited grant support. John is currently a fellow of ACFEI.

Owl Investigations, Inc.
Tom Owen specializes in Forensic Consulting, including but not limited to: Audio Analysis, Video Analysis, Audio Tape Enhancement, Video Tape Enhancement, Audio Authenticity Analysis, Video Authenticity Analysis, Voice Identification, Voice Elimination, Training, Certification and Testimony. Owl Investigations, Inc. has a fully equipped audio-video processing laboratory with digital capacities for audio-video signal processing and voice identification.  Tom is currently a Fellow of ACFEI.

Tape Expert
Steve Cain, founder of Forensic Tape Analysis, Inc. offers a wide array of services including videotape enhancement, videotape authentication, still image enhancement, time-lapse videotape testing, recorder testing, audiotape authentication, audiotape enhancement, voice identification, and questioned document examination.  Steve is currently a Fellow of ACFEI.

Audio Forensic Center
Audio Forensic Center specializes in audio and video tape enhancement, audio/video tape verification and authentication, audibility analysis, voice identification-elimination, and acoustical simulations.

Audio Evidence Lab
Barry G. Dickey, founder of Audio Evidence Lab provides Analysis of Audio/Video Evidence, Analysis of Acoustical/Visual media, Authenticity Analysis of Audio/Video, Digital Enhancement/Restoration; Voice Identification/Elimination; Expert Testimony/Consultation; and Transcription. Audio evidence Lab is equipped to process both digital and analog evidence.  Barry is currently a Diplomate of ABRE, a member board of ACFEI.

Image And Sound ForensicsTM
Using both custom hardware and software Image and Sound Forensics (IAS) can offer advanced abilities to apply the science of forensics, enhancement and analysis to recover, clarify, extract, or enhance information presented by a given image, video, photograph or audio/sound recording. Likewise, IAS offers the ability to extract any requested audio components from recordings that can be awash with noise and interference or restore recorded materials that are deteriorating or poorly recorded. Our goal is to help you get the most from your recorded evidence.

Missouri Sheriff's Association

The Sargent Consulting Group, LLC
The Sargent Consulting Group, LLC is an independent firm providing management advisory and litigation consulting services to attorneys, creditors, individuals, government agencies, management and turnaround advisors. Specializing in forensic accounting and financial investigations, our company was formed to meet the needs of a unique client, typically in a state of distress or turmoil. Our unique combination of Accounting, Investigative, Operational and Technical skills deliver solutions to complicated financial problems.

Audible Forensics
TransDual Forensics
Textphonic Communications is made up of two divisions - TransDual Forensics and Audible Forensics. TransDual Forensics offers transcription and translation services while Audible Forensics provides forensic audio services. Together we are working diligently on raising the bar in the fields of forensic transcription and translation by bringing better audio software, hardware, and training to the forensic transcriptionist/translator and better linguistic skills, methods, and training to the forensic audio examiner.

Trial/Jury Consultant
Founded in 1993 by Dr. Melissa Pigott (a social psychologist and Fellow of ACFEI), Magnus Research Consultants, Inc. and Magnus Graphics, Inc. provide full service case and venue specific trial, jury, and graphic consultation services to litigators throughout the United States. Magnus Research Consultants evaluates the human dynamics and decision processes which are an integral part of every civil or criminal case. The evaluations are conducted by using time tested research methodologies, including non adversarial methods, such as focus groups or community attitude surveys, and adversarial methods, such as mock trials. These services are designed to fit the parameters of each case and can be designed to fit the most complex matters. Magnus’ case experience is broad, including work for plaintiffs and defendants in injury cases and commercial litigation. Magnus Graphics, Inc. provides a full range of litigation graphics, including animations and trial presentation services.

Magnus’ team is dedicated to helping attorneys achieve successful litigation results in jury trials, mediation, arbitration and bench proceedings. Voir dire consultation and witness preparation services are available. Through the research and consultation services provided by Magnus, the ability to achieve the most favorable litigation result is greatly enhanced.